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Lighting + Hanging Decor

Chandeliers can be a huge part of your overal decor and design as well as provide functional lighting for your event. There are a variety of ways to incorporate chandeliers into tents, gazebos and hanging throughout a venue.
Lamps are great detail to add to a guest table or a bar. The floor lamps are the perfect way to complete your lounge grouping. Both ways are good way to add small touches of lighting that are functional and useful.
Light curtains are an amazing product to add the WOW factor to your event. They are used with pipe and drape often but also in tents along the wall to make a huge statement.
Marquee signs and letters are a fun way to add a personal touch to any event. From initials -sayings – or corporate branding the possibilities are endless!
Professional lighting for your event will take it to the next level. From wash lighting centerpieces, head tables, entrances and other items this lighting is what every event needs. Uplights and image projects along with lighting the main focal areas will set your event apart from all the others. Lighting really does change everything!
String lighting is an amazing way to stretch your lighting budget will at the same time adding decor that doubles as functional lighting. Bistro lighting and mini lights can create a unique design that elevates your event decor. There is a variety of ways to install and rig lighting that makes every event unique. You can add strand lighting to almost anywhere!


Not Sure What Lighting Style or How Much You Need?

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